Dental Implants in Oxford, MS

When you have lost multiple teeth and your bite has weakened, dental implants from the Dawkins Family Dental Clinic may be the best solution for you. High-quality dental implants will act just like your natural teeth but are stronger and require less maintenance that having dentures.

Dental Implants at a Gentle Dentistry Office

During your procedure, the team at Dawkins Family Dental Clinic will make you feel a relaxed as possible. You also have the option of nitrous oxide and audio headphone for the best experience possible!
Senior woman in dental office - Dentistry Services in Oxford, MS

Implants options for a Range of Issues

No matter how severe your missing tooth issue is, implants can help in any case. Call us to find out more on the following implant services:
Single Tooth Replacement
Anterior Replacement
Posterior Replacement
Full Upper Replacement

Digital Dentistry for the Best Fit

We offer the latest in dental implants by using state-of-the-art digital dentistry tools. In the past, you would have to sit through a conventional impression process that involved poking and prodding, with room for error.

With digital impressions, we are able to take images of your teeth and discover the best first and surgical plan for your implants. This means less work and stress on your part, and a better fitting implant!
Call Dawkins Family Dental Clinic today for the best experience with dental implants.