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Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Over-the-Counter Options

December 14, 2023 9:00 am

Have you recently noticed that your smile is looking a little less than dazzling? Over time, our teeth can change color due to factors like age, dietary choices, and lifestyle habits. If you are considering brightening your smile, here are some tips to help you decide between professional teeth whitening or over-the-counter options.

Professional Teeth Whitening

There are many benefits to choosing a professional teeth whitening treatment over a store-bought whitening kit. Firstly, dentists have access to stronger whitening agents, meaning that you see effective results more quickly. Treatments can also be customized to fit your goals and to address specific concerns like tooth sensitivity. In-office treatments are supervised by dental professionals, which minimizes potential side effects. We also offer whitening kits that you can use in the comfort of your own home while still achieving professional-grade results.

Over-the-Counter Options

Over-the-counter whitening treatments are popular for many reasons. Not only do they cost less than professional procedures, but they can also be used at home on your own schedule. Options include a variety of whitening methods, including strips, gels, toothpastes, and mouthwashes.

They do, however, come with a few downsides that should be kept in mind. Over-the-counter products typically contain lower concentrations of whitening agents, so it may take a while for you to notice a difference in the brightness of your smile. Although they may be more budget-friendly, they can produce inconsistent results and many patients find them uncomfortable to use.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Oxford, MS

In conclusion, the choice between professional teeth whitening and over-the-counter options depends on your goals, budget, and the level of customization and supervision you desire. Always consult with your dentist before beginning a whitening treatment. To learn more about professional whitening treatments offered at Dawkins Family Dental, contact our team today!

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