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Does My Cracked Tooth Need Immediate Attention?

November 28, 2023 9:00 am

Cracking a tooth is never a welcome experience. Depending on the severity of the damage, it could range anywhere from a minor inconvenience to a major emergency. Before you start panicking, here are some questions to help you determine if you require immediate dental attention for a cracked tooth.

How Severe is the Crack?

There are a few different types of tooth cracks, and some are more serious than others. If the damage to your tooth is a small chip or a superficial crack in the tooth’s enamel, you probably don’t need to rush to the dentist right away. These cosmetic issues can be fixed with bonding or a veneer. Cracks that have split or broken off a large chunk of the tooth, on the other hand, should be looked at as soon as possible.

How Much Pain are You In?

If you are in severe pain or your mouth is bleeding profusely, schedule an emergency dentist appointment immediately. This could indicate that the crack has affected the nerve endings in the tooth’s pulp. Another sign of significant damage is persistent sensitivity to temperature. When hot or cold beverages cause lingering discomfort around the affected tooth, seek dental assistance. If the tooth is just slightly sore, try taking over-the-counter pain relievers to see if that helps things.

Emergency Dentistry in Oxford, MS

Whenever you have questions about a potential dental emergency, the team at Dawkins Family Dental is here to walk you through the next steps. We will assess the situation over the phone and help you manage things until you are able to come in for an appointment.

If your cracked tooth requires treatment, we’ve got you covered. Dawkins Family Dental offers a wide range of restorative dental procedures, including extractions and implants, as well as cosmetic options like veneers.

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