Teeth Whitening in Oxford, MS

Tooth coloration is inevitable, from coffee, tea, food, cigarettes and more, the whiteness of your teeth are a struggle. At Dawkins Family Dental Clinic, we want you to have the brightest smile with the safest options.

Naturally Whiter Teeth

A natural looking, whiter smile is accessible with the help of the Dawkins Family Dental Clinic. The team at Dawkins is well trained and can offer a wide range of whitening options depending on your needs.
Teeth Whitening - Dentistry Services in Oxford, MS

Whitening Teeth Gently and Safely

We offer industry-approved methods for whitening your teeth that are safe for your teeth and gums.

A whiter smile can be accomplished gently in just one visit with our safe hydrogen peroxide gel-activated solution. When you visit for an exam and have x-rays, we offer a free bleaching kit with your care!

Avoid the Issues of Going Over-The-Counter

It is no surprise that tooth whitening is one of the most requested dental services. The best and safest way to have your teeth whitened is by a trained dentist, this ensures your tooth and gum health is not compromised.

Over-the-counter whiteners can harm your teeth and gums, even causing pain, without being effective.
For trusted whitening services, call Dawkins Family Dental Clinic!