Dental Treatment for Children in Oxford, MS

If your child is two years old or almost there it is time to start thinking about early dental treatment with Dawkins Family Dental Clinic. Getting your child in the routine of dental care early is the best way to instill great dental hygiene.

Pleasant and Comforting Dental Visit

Dr. Dawkins and his staff ensure that your child feels comfortable in a fun environment. We believe that a positive experience the first time is the foundation to anxiety-free visits in the future.
Dental Visit - Dentistry Services in Oxford, MS

Maintainer for Straight Teeth

As children grow, their primary teeth will start to fall out; when this happens new teeth may not grow in straight. If this happens the team at Dawkins Family Dental Clinic can help you and your child. We offer your child a complete examination and a maintainer that will be fit to hold open the space of a lost tooth, doing this helps the new tooth to grow in straight.
Kid at Dental Clinic - Dentistry Services in Oxford, MS
Young girl at dentist - Dentistry Services in Oxford, MS
Dentist showing a model teeth - Dentistry Services in Oxford, MS

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Even infants can be susceptible to tooth decay if they sleep with bottles or breast fed during the night. If you start to notice signs of tooth decay, call our office and we will work with you to prevent furtive cavities in your little one. One way to help is to only give you child a water-fill bottle before bed.