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Why Are They Called “Wisdom” Teeth?

Posted by Dawkins Family Dental on Oct 21 2021, 11:03 PM

If you experienced extreme pain in your mouth due to tooth eruption after you have become an adult, there are chances that it would be the third molars. Also known as wisdom teeth, these molars erupt between the age of 17 and 25. At Dawkins Family Dental, our dentists can provide information and treatment regarding wisdom teeth. 

The wisdom teeth got their name from the person’s age when the teeth erupt. This particular age range is believed to be the time when people become wiser. Thus, these teeth come out at a wiser age when compared to the other teeth. 

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth enable proper chewing of the food. People who have experienced tooth loss have benefitted from wisdom teeth. It helps the patients to have extra teeth that are stronger. The teeth can also be helpful while receiving orthodontic treatment that helps to reduce the gaps in between the teeth and aligns the teeth in their proper place.

Do Wisdom Teeth Cause Dental Problems?

Most people experience extreme pain during the eruption of wisdom teeth. Dentists prescribe painkillers that help to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the eruption. Some people may experience pain if there is not enough room for the tooth to fully emerge. This eruption may cause crowding of the teeth and the patient may require orthodontic treatment to straighten the misaligned teeth. 

Some patients could also require wisdom tooth extraction. The tooth may not emerge from the gums or may not grow out from the jaw, which can cause extreme pain to the patient. The dentists help to loosen the tooth from the gums and extract it which helps to reduce the discomfort caused by the condition. Other reasons for extraction include infections, cysts, gum disease, tooth decay, or tumors. 

Proper monitoring of the wisdom teeth is essential to avoid complications and dental diseases. Every patient is different and the symptoms can differ from person to person.

Dawkins Family Dental, located in Oxford, MS has efficient dentists who can provide the best treatment plans to patients for any problem relating to wisdom teeth. Call us at (662) 234-5725 and book a consultation, to know more about dental treatments for wisdom teeth, and to receive a complete dental checkup.

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