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How Can A Family Dentist Help You?

Posted by Dawkins Family Dental on May 27 2021, 10:59 AM

All family dentists are general dentists, but not all general dentists are family dentists. Family dentistry is intended to help you address not only your oral health but also that of your family. For this reason, many family dentists have often sought training related to working with children because kids have different dental needs than adults. Hence, family dentists are trained to deliver specialized care to make sure that their unique oral hygiene needs are met. 

Below are some of the common services which are included under family dentistry:

  • Regular Check-Ups and Cleaning Every Six Months

Regular check-ups of your oral health and professional cleaning, at least once every six months, are very important. The major reason for this is most dental problems tend to show up only at the last stage. So, when you visit your dentist regularly, these problems can be detected as early as possible, before they get worse.

  • Fluoride Treatment

A family dentist can help you combat cavities with the help of fluoride treatment and dental sealants. These are often used on children who are more prone to tooth cavities.

  • Cavity Checking

One of the most common oral diseases in children is cavities, which is also the most preventable. Identifying it and giving proper necessary treatment is essential. Your family dentist could offer you the service of identifying and treating cavities.

  • Orthodontics

Some family dentists have added orthodontics as one of their specializations. So, if you or your family members need to have their teeth realigned or straightened. But do note that not all family dental clinics offer orthodontic assessments and treatments. If your family dentist gives you this treatment, then consider yourself lucky. If not, don’t worry. Your family dentist could refer you to a specialist.

  • Gum Disease Treatment

After cavities, the second most common is gum disease. Usually, their services include deep cleaning, gum flap surgery, and antibiotic treatments, which helps in dealing with gingivitis or gum disease cases.

Many family dental clinics offer oral hygiene and preventive dentistry services, with some also offering orthodontic services. What’s more, family dentists are trained to address oral health and dental issues encountered at specific stages of life, be it at infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, mid-life, and old age. So if you have a family, you can make one visit to the dentist and the whole family gets examined and, if needed, treated. 

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