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Get a “Sparkling” Smile! Office Whitening Gels vs Over The Counter Products

Posted by Dawkins Family Dental on Jul 16 2021, 03:47 AM

Whiter and brighter sparkling teeth are often related to youth, warmth, and happiness. According to an American Association Of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, a smile has a social advantage to about 99.7 percent of adults. Thus, it is very advantageous to have bright, white teeth. 

Whiter teeth can be obtained in two ways: office whitening (in-office treatment) or over-the-counter products. You can choose which way you would want the treatment done depending on your personal reasons and how teeth whitening would be done.

Office Whitening Gels

Office whitening is the fastest and easiest teeth whitening method. The bleaching gel used in this treatment contains a 25 to 40 percent concentration of active ingredients (hydrogen peroxide). These gels are applied three times in fifteen minutes intervals. This gel is relatively effective as it is quickly broken down by heat, light, and saliva. The gel is activated using a blue-spectrum LED light. The light speeds up the process and makes it last longer.

Here are some of the benefits of office whitening gels:

  • It boosts your self-esteem.
  • It improves overall oral health.
  • It provides long-lasting effects.
  • It is relatively faster than the other treatments.
  • It protects your teeth and gums.

Over-The-Counter Products

You will find numerous teeth whitening products like strips, gels, toothpaste, and bleach from any drugstore. However, these over-the-counter products are not as effective as they claim in the advertisements. These products contain bleaching agents (carbamide peroxide), which is similar to the whitening gel used in the office whitening treatment. But they are less effective as the gel in these products has less concentrated chemicals than in-office whitening gels. Because of this, it takes months to achieve the sparkling teeth you always desired. Thus, although it is more affordable than the in-office whitening treatments, it does not guarantee the appropriate results for your teeth.

Over-the-counter products, however, are not without their benefits:

  • They are safe and affordable.
  • They can be easily done on your own without any professional help.
  • They are easily available at any of the drugstores.

Office Teeth Whitening vs Over-The-Counter Products

Over-the-counter products are not the same as the products used by dentists for teeth whitening procedures. They have low concentrations of bleaching components, about 10 to 22 percent carbamide. The amount of bleaching they can do is insufficient to give you the long-lasting or desired results. Furthermore, the mouthpiece tray is not customized as are the ones provided for in-office treatments. Because of this, it probably won’t perfectly fit your teeth.

Now that you know more about teeth whitening treatments, make your choice and get your treatment now to have that “sparkling” smile you always wanted.

Dawkins family dental offers in-office teeth whitening procedures at Oxford, MS. For more details and scheduling appointments call us at  (662) 234-5725, book online, or visit us at 440 N Lamar Blvd, Oxford, MS 38655.

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